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Helping family members struggling with addiction or mental health

Having family members that struggle with addiction and mental health is hard to cope with. Do not feel alone there is help. The article below for SAMSHA helps to get the ball rolling.

For a free consultation on seeking help please feel free to reach out to us.

From SAMHSA Families Conversation Guide

When a family member is drinking too much, using drugs, or struggling with a mental disorder, your support can be key to getting them the treatment they need. Starting the conversation is the first step to getting help.

How You Can Help

1 IDENTIFY AN APPROPRIATE TIME AND PLACE. Consider a private setting with limited distractions, such as at home or on a walk.

2 EXPRESS CONCERNS AND BE DIRECT. Ask how they are feeling and describe the reasons for your concern.

3 ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR FEELINGS AND LISTEN. Listen openly, actively, and without judgement.

4 OFFER TO HELP. Provide reassurance that mental and/or substance use disorders are treatable. Help them locate and connect to treatment services.

5 BE PATIENT. Recognize that helping your loved one doesn’t happen overnight. Continue reaching out with offers to listen and help

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