Frequently Asked Questions & Support

What can you help us with?

I meet and liaise with you, I gather information, stories, anecdotes, characterisation of your loved one and I write and deliver the tribute to them.

Can I have religion?

Yes you can, I can advise you on what passages, prayers, hymns would suit you best.

Can I have music?

Yes you can, either pieces loved by the deceased or yourselves, or I can suggest something appropriate for you.

Can my family say a reading?

Yes they can.

It can be fitted into the service. I will have a copy and can take over if the emotion gets too much.

How will I know what you are going to say?

I will email a draft script to you, in advance of the funeral allowing time for changes or additions to be made to it. I will also send a full script out to you to keep.

When do you come and meet us and where?

I will telephone you and make arrangements to visit, either at your home or a location of your choice.

I can visit evenings, daytime or weekend, whenever is convenient.

How are you paid?

I am usually paid by the funeral directors, however if I work in advance with a family, payment can be made directly to me.