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  • What services do you offer?
    The Mighty Acorn Counseling offers most behavioral health, mental health, and substance use disorder treatment services in central Ohio. Some of the most requested services is MAT (Medicated Assisted Treatment) for long term opiate use disorder treatment, behavioral health counseling, substance abuse disorder (also known as addiction) counseling, and mental health counseling. We do offer assessments, marriage counseling, family counseling, and all services can be accessed by telehealth (also known as telemedicine).
  • Do you accept insurance for services?
    Yes! We accept most insurances in Ohio. Whether you have state insurance (Ohio Medicaid type insurance or Ohio Medicare type insurance), commercial insurance, employer assisted program insurance (EAP), or are insured through a spouse's plan, we can work with most insurances in Ohio. Even if we may not currently accept an insurance, we will attempt to enroll with that insurance as a provider or bill out-of-network. Your well-being matters and it is our goal to provide everyone with the services they need.
  • Can I pay cash if I don't have insurance?
    Yes! We understand that not everyone has insurance. We accept self-pay patients. We understand that this may put some financial difficulty on some. For those individuals that are low income and do not have insurance, our billing and administrative team will work with you to figure out a payment that will best fit your individual income ability.
  • Do I have to attend counseling at The Mighty Acorn Counseling to be apart of the MAT program you offer?
    Yes. Our MAT (Medicated Assisted Treatment) program includes substance use disorder counseling. We understand you may have counseling for mental/behavioral health counseling elsewhere and we will do our best to work with your current schedule and appointments. It is important that we approach MAT recovery as a whole in our program. This will include medical appointments and counseling appointments with The Mighty Acorn Counseling.
  • Do you offer telehealth/telemedicine for all your services?
    Yes! The Mighty Acorn Counseling provides telehealth/telemedicine options for all services. Our virtual appointments are HIPAA compliant, as your privacy and protected information is a priority. Some people may not be eligible to do telehealth/telemedicine, depending on circumstances of each individual and/or situation. To continue to participate in telehealth/telemedicine services, our patients/clients must be compliant with the program and treatment planned recommeded by the provider/counselor.
  • Do you have a patient portal?
    Yes! Through our patient portal, you are able to complete all intake paperwork, electronically sign documents, request appointments by seeing provider/counselor schedules, access our telehealth/telemedicine services, cancel and/or reschedule appointments, and update your demographics (including personal information and insurance). Your provider/counselor may also share documents with you securely through our portal. To access our portal, you can click on the "Patient Portal" button at the top right of any our website pages or go to:
  • How do I access your patient portal?
    You can access our patient portal by clicking on the green "Patient Portal" button at the top right hand side of any page on our website, by clicking on "Patient Portal" in our navigation menu, or clicking on "Patient Portal" in the footer menu of any page on our website. You can also access our patient portal by going to our URL directly at:
  • Do I have to be a current patient to use your patient portal?
    No. Anyone can access and use our patient portal. Once you become a patient, and receive an email invite from our team, you will have access to additional features. Individuals who are not yet patients can still access our patient portal to request an appointment for any service. Our team will see your request and either approve it, request to change the appointment time to one more convenient to the counselor or provider, or deny the appointment request and contact you to find something more convenient. Individuals who are current patients and do not have an email invite to our patient portal can contact our team to get an invite sent.
  • What are the features of your patient portal?
    Our patient portal allows you to fill out and electronically sign all intake paperwork, request appointments, change appointments, cancel appointments, update your demographics, share paperwork and documents with our team, sign up for appointment reminders, see your treatment history, and complete your appointments virtual by secure telehealth appointments.
  • How do I access, fill out, and sign my information and paperwork in the patient portal?"
    You can access our patient portal to fill out needed information and electronically sign consents/paperwork by any smart device with an internet connection (such as a smart phone, iPad type device, laptop, computer, etc). Our team will share the needed forms and consents we need to provide you with services. These should be completed prior to your first appoinment. Click on the invite in your email to join the patient portal and create your login. Once you are logged into your account in the patient portal, you will see all shared documents located at the bottom of your screen. Click on each to fill out the information, electronically sign, save and submit the completed and signed form or consent (make sure you submit the electronically signature or it will not save), and go back to the main screen to go to the next shared form and/or consent to complete. Once all are completed, you will not see them on your main screen of the patient portal.
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