What is MAT Addiction Treatment & How Can I Start?

MAT is the acronym for "Medicated Assisted Treatment" and helps those struggling with addiction and recovery from opiates by using medications that reduce withdrawals and cravings. MAT is usually a long term treatment and designed for individuals whom have tried to go through detox multiple times without successful completion. As addiction is a very real disease that a large number of our communities combat, MAT is a great alternative to assist people in their recovery long term with a large successful percentage.

Although in the past, the main medication that was used in Medicated Assisted Treatment was Methadone, the medication that is used in the majority of MAT participates today is Suboxone (brand name). The active ingredients in Suboxone is buprenephorine and naloxone. There is an option of Subutex (brand name), that only has the active ingredient of buprenephorine, for people that have negative reactions to naloxone, have liver disease, and who are pregnant. Contrary to popular myth and believe, buprenorphine itself is an opiate blocker and works to block opiates when those prescribe Subutex instead of Suboxone.

A huge stigma with taking Suboxone is the feeling that someone is "trading one drug for another". This is also a huge myth. Many studies have proven that the larger percentage of individuals in MAT are able to function in a normal society and contribute to society as any other community member. Since long term opiate use causes physical reactions in a person's brain, it takes years for a brain to begin functioning normally after stopping opiates. By giving the ability to function normally, while providing the needed time for the brain to heal, an MAT participant can return to work, school, being a parent, and manage money just as one would that does not have the disease of addiction. Many of these participants would not be able to function normally for years as their brain is healing without this medication to assist them.

MAT offers multiple parts of treatment and is more than just medication. Counseling is a huge part of treatment. With counseling, a person can gain back their confidence, learn to live without the chase of drugs continually being at the forefront of their thoughts, and integrate back into their family and friend's lives.

It is easy to begin MAT, as it becomes a more accepted form of treatment for addiction. At The Mighty Acorn Counseling we offer both in office appointments and telehealth appointments. Plus, we accept all insurances from Ohio Medicaid type insurances, private insurances, and even Ohio Medicare Part B type insurances. You can go to our patient portal and request an immediate appointment for either MAT or just counseling (we offer substance abuse counseling and mental health counseling).