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Online Addiction Treatment - Ohio Telehealth MAT

Updated: May 9, 2022

Getting treatment for addiction can be overwhelming and a decision to get treatment is important, so does online treatment work as well as in-office treatment? Here is our patient treatment experience through our Telehealth MAT treatment program...


The task of visiting an office or clinic weekly, bi-weekly, and even monthly can be a lot to take on while juggling a home, family, work, and responsibilities. The time it takes to complete an in-office appointment can be hours. Being in recovery means picking up all those responsibilities that you have put off for quite some time. It is very daunting and can be tiring. The convenience to have your MAT support network and appointments on video call helps you manage to continue your recovery while taking care of your responsibilities.

Honest Transparency.

Having the ability to relax in your own environment while completing appointments with your care team gives you the opportunity to open up without the guards most people put up while in other environments, such as a doctor's office. Your care team has the unique ability to reach you in your daily environment. This allows for honest transparency.


There are many rural areas that do not offer medication assisted treatment or even addiction treatment centers. Those in rural areas do not have access to life saving treatment for a disease that is affecting individuals in epidemic portions. When those recovering from addiction have access to treatment in their rural areas, such as telehealth treatment, many lives are saved and in turn creates a positive community impact in these small towns.

Success Rates.

As more people have access to treatment, the rates of success can soar to great numbers. Excuses that the addicted brain creates become limited. The barriers are lifted. Many issues, that were very real barriers to treatment success (i.e. transportation, embarrassment, options for treatment) are eliminated.


As the above barriers are removed, there is more accountability to get and keep reco