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COVID-19 & Mental Health Ohio

Learn How Your Mental Health is Affected by this Coronavirus Pandemic & Resources to Support Your Mental Health in Ohio

No matter where you live in the world, the Coronavirus pandemic is apart of our everyday lives. The changes to every day life had been dramatic. Even before this pandemic, our mental health had a lot of hardship, worry, stress, anxieties, and depression. Changes to our world has come as a shock to our mental statuses and, as the initial shock phase begins to wear off, the mental realizations of how we are all being affected has set in. Our mental health matters through this pandemic as much as our physical health. The mental support we receive now will have large impacts on our lives long term.

Whether we are isolated and alone, quaratined with other family members, or still going to work to assist in the fight against this virus, it is difficult to process the devastation and grief happening all around us. There are times when we feel that we are connected together through this fight and times we feel alone and helpless on a personal level in this fight. Watching the news, listening to stories from friends/family/neighbors, and seeing press conferences by our state and national leaders may seem like a movie playing out in real life. But we have tools and resources to support one another and our mental well being.

One of the best resources we have for our mental health are the mental health professionals. that have opened doors in unique ways, to support us. As social distancing is crucial in preventing and slowing the spread of Covid-19, The Mighty Acorn Counseling starting offering phone call counseling sessions. This is now offerred to the many individuals within the Ohio community that may not have internet access to use the telehealth services.

The experienced counselors at The Mighty Acorn Counseling introduced telehealth counseling sessions before the Coronavirus was first announced in Wuhan, China. Although telehealth is a great resource that they continue to offer, it became apparent phone call sessions were needed to the many people with mental health needs that did not want to risk their lives or the lives of others and did not have the ability to utilize the virtual counseling services.

Robert Oaks (Owner and Clinical Director of The Mighty Acorn Counseling, also known as "TMAC"), and his team of experienced mental health counselors, began preparing to help many new patients that would be affected through anxiety, depression, fear, & grief (to name a few), caused by the Coronavirus pandemic in Ohio, beginning in early February. TMAC is now accepting new patients that are requesting mental health services by both phone call or live video telehealth. Insurance is accepted for these appointments from all Ohio Medicaid types, most private insurances, and self-pay. Self-pay patients that experience poverty have sliding scale fee options based upon income.

The Mighty Acorn Counseling gives many options on signing up for services. They have a patient portal where new patients can register, complete intake information, and manage appointments at or anyone in Ohio can call 614-599-6869 to get scheduled immediately.

Mental health is important and can help save lives long term!

Facebook: @MightyAcornCounseling

Instagram: @MightyAcornCounseling

Twitter: TMACOhio

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1 Comment

Asia Bobo
Asia Bobo
Apr 28, 2022

Covid was beginning of the end of my life. I lost my job of 8 years. Was denied real health care during a miscarriage and told a D&C was an elective surgery, so I was only seen over telehealth visits and literally bleed uncontrollably, passed huge clots, and experienced full blown labor pain and having to push what my Doctor would only refer to as debri for basically 43 days nonstop at home alone with my children and with no help from my family. I called, begged, and pleaded for help from every DV shelter I could find with no help but my narcissistic mother easily told a lie and got me admitted to a psych ward where i was…

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