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Ohio Medicated Addiction Treatment by Phone Call & Telehealth

Addiction is a disease that affects millions of people and does not discriminate or halt during times of sickness and pandemic. It is important to continue treatment and seek treatment. The Mighty Acorn Counseling teamed up with some great addiction medicine doctors in Ohio to offer combined appointments that include opiate addiction outpatient detox medications, continued suboxone medication, and counseling. These appointments are being offered by phone call appointments and telehealth appointments.

"Our main goal is to help all individuals that live in Ohio with addiction & mental health needs, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. Our Ohio communities need to know they can continue to recieve the treatment and support needed while staying at home and keeping safe." -Robert Oaks (Owner of The Mighty Acorn Counseling, also referred to as TMAC) stated. Mr. Oaks (Licensed Professional Clincial Counselor with Supervision Credentials) has counseled within Ohio for close to two decades and opened up The Mighty Acorn Counseling to ensure the Ohio community received proper, caring, and ethical services.

Mr. Oaks went on to report that The Mighty Acorn Counseling began prepping and offering telehealth services before this Covid-19 pandemic occurred. As state officials began discussing putting stay at home orders in place in Ohio, Mr. Oaks and his team started developing relationships with renown addiction medicine physicians in Ohio. By teaming up with these physicians, The Mighty Acorn Counseling has the ability to provide full service medicated treatment to anyone in the state of Ohio.

Robert Oaks states "When new and current patients contact us for addiction treatment, we are able to schedule them immediately. If a patient does not have internet connection capabilities, our staff can complete the appointments via phone call conversations. Although phone call appointments may only be temporary options through this Covid-19 pandemic, it allows us to broaden the scope of people we can treat abd support."

The Mighty Acorn Counseling completes each addiction treatment phone call appointment by calling their partnered physician, as a 3-way call, near the end of the phone call appointment. The physician speaks with the patient and, in most cases with medication assistance needs, calls in the medicine for the patients. One of these physicians that The Mighty Acorn Counseling has teamed up with is Dr. Brian Leve, who has practiced addiction medicine successfully for over a decade.

Dr. Leve states "It is important to continue treating current and new patients at this time. Working as a team, I am more confident that my patients are receiving full addiction services and ensuring we are providing mental health treatment to everyone who has ongoing suboxone recovery needs. Patients need full care. Medication is only one part of treatment. If we leave out any part of treatment, even during a pandemic, we would not be supporting continued addiction recovery properly." Dr. Leve requires every patient recieve counseling to receive medicated addiction support.

The Mighty Acorn Counseling, and the physicians they have teamed up with, accept most insurances. Ohio Medicaid, Caresource, Buckeye Community, UnitedHealthCare, Paramount, Cigna, and many more are being accepted from New and current patients for all types of appointments (phone call, telehealth, and in-person). There is also a patient portal that patients can access online at any time to register, edit information, create and manage appointments, and speak to their counselors via private messaging. You can find The Mighty Acorn Counseling on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and through their website (all contact information is below).

"We have a few main goals. We want to treat addiction physically and mentally and help individuals keep their recovery, especially in this heightened state of need. Secondly, we need to get this information to the individuals that need it. It is difficult to properly broadcast these offered supports to the millions of people in Ohio. It would be great if people could share this information. It could save many lives. Third, we want those who may not have the disease of addiction, but have mental health needs to know we are available to speak with immediately. Both are important." Mr. Oaks asks everyone who gets this information to share it with as many people as possible. "You never know whose life you may be saving by sharing this information."

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Created: April 1st, 2020

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